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I am so proud to be a member of the Canon family and their Canon Explorers of Light, a program created by Canon for the purpose of educating photographers. Today, the group is comprised of dozens of the most influential photographers and cinematographers in the world, each a master of the their creative specialty. I am also a proud member of the Wescott Top Pro Elite, a group of talented photographers from around the world comprised for photographic education and inspiration. Each is a master of his or her own creative specialty. And I'm also a proud member of the SanDisk family and the SanDisk Extreme Team Legends are photographers whom SanDisk recognizes as distinguished leaders and innovators within the professional community. These select pros are recognized for their decades of global contributions and commitment to excellence.

My passion for photography began back in high school when I became the editor of my newspaper. I then went on to Columbia College and was named College Photographer of the Year. With this came a full time job at a daily newspaper in Chicago and then on to a full time position for 14 years at the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper.

My cameras have always been like a passport into history. I am continually honored when doors open and people invite me in to document their life. While at the paper, I had covered countless amazing events, such as presidential elections, Michael Jordan's entire career with the Chicago Bulls, every religious faith, and many tent revivals. I've traveled around the world to places such as El Salvador, Taiwan, Lithuania, Romania, Moldova and Kenya for human interest stories. I've even had the pleasure of riding to South Dakota on a Harley with the Hells Henchmen for the 50th Anniversary of Sturgis.

I have since moved on from the newspaper industry. Today, I have the privilege of photographing the most important events in my people's lives and I couldn't be more happy to have this honor.