Giving Back



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giving back never felt so good...

Every year we try and donate our talent as much as possible. God always seems to find a way for us to do this. It began in September of 2006, Bob traveled with a team of doctors, nurses, and volunteers from the Medical Mission Foundation {MMF) on a trip to Botosani, Romania, where they performed dozens of surgeries and hundreds of medial exams on people in need. It was an experience never to be forgotten.

This particular project has a very special meaning to us because we adopted our two beautiful children from Chisinau, Moldova, which is Romania's sister country. We can't help but think of what life would be like for our son & daughter, if they were never adopted. It brings tears to our eyes just thinking about it. At their ages now, they would have been transferred to an older children's home. We believe, once children turn 16 they are sent out to live on their own. Who would care for them? It makes us so sad. Our children are home and know they have a family who loves them, respects them and cares for them deeply.... as every child deserves to have.

We designed this book {click play to see the slideshow} for the Medical Mission Foundation to help them fundraise and bring awareness to their organization. Because pictures tell such a powerful story, this book helped MMF receive their largest funding contributions ever that year. Giving back never felt so good.